About Us

Maple Hills Veterinary Hospital Maple Hills Veterinary Hospital has multiple locations to serve the Lehigh Valley. With our specialized equipment, breadth of surgical capability, and 24 hour nursing in addition to emergency services, Maple Hills has much to offer you and your pets.

  • Great Doctors & Staff
  • Specialized Technology
  • 24 Hour Nursing
  • In-house Lab
  • Kennel & Medical Boarding

Our Doctors

Dr. Ken Banzhof, VMD


Ken Banzhof, VMD - A 1969 graduate of Delaware Valley College and a 1973 graduate of University of Pennsylvania with specialization of surgery of small animals and orthopedic surgery.

Completed orthopedic courses at Ohio University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Abby Banzhof, VMD



Abby Banzhof, VMD - A 1992 Villanova graduate and a 1996 graduate of University of Pennsylvania. Completed bone plating courses at Ohio StateUniversity.